Escape, the newest Reno fitness spot, is an over-the-top sensory experience in The Basement of the 1933 Post Office.


    Boxing and Cycling classes will be held in our dimly-lit downtown Reno fitness studio by utilizing movement meditation to awaken your subconscious, your body and mind will flow together.

  • The Space

    This entire Reno fitness experience will be in the dark, underground, with intentional lighting and heart pounding music to reset your mission and guide you to your goals. So whether a 90’s hip hop sweat session, team motivational ride, or renting out the space for your next party… Escape is a place for you to sweat and leave it all behind.

Escape is a Fitness Experience


Escape’s Reno cycling class is a sensory experience in the dark with intentional lighting and heart-pounding music to reset your mission and guide you to your goals. These curated levels of intensity take you on a motivational ride that has you ‘escaping’ your world, and entering a new.


Escape’s Reno boxing classes offer a variety of movements that result in a full
body workout. In a dimly lit studio, you will have a personalized heavy bag creating
your space for focus. Each class incorporates a spectrum of interval training with
shadow boxing, paired with high-energy music that inspires and motivates.

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    Birthday Parties • Corporate Team Building • Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties: Make your next party one where you feel the results the next day. In the dark, with your friends, themed, and a whole lot of sweat.

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Reno fitness class location: THE BASEMENT

50 Virginia St